Sunday, August 31, 2008

Having fun at the Lake with PawPaw and CeCe

Walker went and spent the weekend at the lake with PawPaw and CeCe. He had so much fun!! They went fishing and swimming. Thank you so much for keeping him. Jason and I got to enjoy the Razorback game and Jason got to work on The Wine Cellar. Which will be opening soon. Mommy also got to sleep in on Sunday. When I say sleep in I mean I slept all day.
Boy did that feel good.

Thank you so much for keeping our sweet little boy!!!!!

Walker sometimes ends up rolling off his bed and crawling under the big bed to sleep.
I guess it is much darker under there.

Practicing his fishing skills.

Trying to catch a fish. It can get pretty dangerous if you are standing around Walker while he is fishing. Sometimes we just take the hook off so he won't hook himself for someone else. He never knows the difference.

Dressed and ready to go the the swimming hole.
Swimming with PawPaw.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Walker loves for Toria (Victoria) to come over and play. Mommy does too. :) Today she came over and they played with play dough. This was the first time Walker has played with it. He loved it. They played at the kitchen table for 2 hours. I could not believe that both of them would sit still for that long!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

County Fair

We took Walker to the county fair. He loved it. He wanted to ride everything. He was not tall enough for a lot of the rides, so we only got to ride a few. Next year we will wear boots. He would have ridden rides all night if we would have let him.

Walker rode the boat with one of my old students and her brother.
He really liked riding with them.

He rode the boats twice.
Hold on tight!!!!

Towards the end of the boat ride he was starting to get a little bit brave.
"Watch me rock the boat!!"

We could not get him to smile. I think that we have a shy boy on our hands.
Riding the ponies.
He went right to the lady I was so surprised.
Didn't even look back to see if Jason and I were still there.
Walker did not want to walk so Jason carried him on his shoulders.
Walker just wanted to see the chickens.
"No not see the cows just go see the chickens."
Petting the bunny rabbit.
He would hop around the bunny box to try and catch the rabbit.
"HOP HOP HOP!!!!!"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wedding in Breckenridge

This past weekend Jason and I went to Colorado for our cousins wedding. We had so much fun. It was very cold!!! It even snowed while we were there. Snow in August go figure.
Here are a few pictures.

The whole Family.

Stacy, Whitney, Me, Mary Jane, Gin, Cindy, Cameron, Susan & Cathey.
All the girls.

The Cousins

Susan, Cameron, Whitney & Gin
being silly with the photo booth props.
Bobby the father of the bride.
He is wearing props from the photo booth. Towards the end of the night the photo booth people were getting the DJ to announce that everyone needed to bring the props back to the photo booth area. Everyone really enjoyed wearing them on the dance floor.
Jonathan, Mary Jane & Robert on the gondola ride up the mountain.
This was the view once we reached the top of the mountain.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend with PawPaw and CeCe

PawPaw and CeCe came up to visit and keep Walker while we went to Breckenridge for a wedding. Walker had a great time and he got to do whatever he wanted. Thank you so much for coming up to keep our little boy. We know that PawPaw and CeCe had just as much fun as Walker did.

CeCe even curled his hair. Daddy will be so proud.

Walker loves to play golf. Anytime we are outside he has to have his clubs out. On Saturday night they went to Murray & Shannon's house. Their backyard backs up to the first green on Valley View Golf Course. He played for several hours putting the ball around the green.
"Watch me PawPaw, watch me golf."
Riding a Harley Rocker.
Showing his pouty face.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Day at The New School

Walker started The New School this week. He loves it. I like him being there with me because I get to check on him every hour. I can't let him see me or he will think that it is time to go home.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

What a Pouty boy!!!!!

We went to the Farmers Market on Saturday and it was not much fun!!!!! Walker was in the worst mood and he cried the whole time we were there. We walked around the square once then I decided it was time to go home. I tried to bribe him but it did not work. I told him that he would get a surprise at Target if he stopped crying, but he did not go for that.
"No I not want a surprise I just want to cry."

Here is the best picture that I could get of Walker. He was really showing me a pouty face.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Donovan

We went to Donovan's 8th birthday at the Fayetteville Country Club. Walker had a wonderful time playing with all his cousins. We hope you had a great day Donovan.
Walker and Blaine enjoying birthday cake.