Saturday, April 26, 2008

Having Fun in El Dorado

Walker went to his PawPaw and CeCe's house while mommy and daddy went to Mexico. He had so much fun. He also got to see his Papaw and MeMe too. Thank you so much for watching our little boy!!! We know that you all had fun.

Chasing Bubbles

Say Cheese

Riding my new bike Shannon and Murray gave me. Thank you!!!!

Calling all the crows in town.
Feeding the ducks with Papaw and MeMe. We had so much fun!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Four Wheeler Ride

Here are a few pictures from a great four-wheeler ride we took at White Rock. The over looks were beautiful. We had a blast. Some parts were a little bit scary but we all came home safe!!!!! That is all that matters. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Cody and Joni Cody and Jason being silly!!

Jason and I Brandt and Mark Brandt and Wendy

Jon and Cody having fun in the mud!!!!

Jon playing in the creek.

The Guys

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sorry that it has been so long since I last posted. We had some bad news come our way. Some of you may have known that Jason and I were expecting baby number two in November. About three weeks ago I started having problems. To make a long story short we miscarried at week eight. I had a D and C last Friday and I have been doing great. We are all doing ok. We know that this was a way that God was taking care of us. He knows what is best. We really appreciate all the love and support that we have gotten from our family and friends. It makes us really happy to know that we have a wonderful group of family and friends.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Seattle Washington

Our trip to Seattle Washington

This was our first day walking around in downtown Seattle.

We were very lucky it was a beautiful day.

We really enjoyed walking around Pikes Place. We watched them sing and throw fish when people placed an order. It was really fun to watch. It was just like what you see in the movies. The second picture is a Monk Fish. It was very scary looking!! If you look closely you can see an octopus in the last picture. It's legs are spread across the fish.

We also went to the Aquarium. It was really cool they had several touch pools were you could touch different types of animals. We took a picture of Nemo and Dory for Walker since in really likes the movie "Nemo"

Walker loves these pictures.

The Space Needle

This was one of the views from Space Needle. We were very lucky that we had such a sunny and clear day. We saw on mountain that is only visible 50 days out of the year. The height of the Space Needle is 605 feet.

We also went to the EMP

This is a place where you can view rare artifacts and memorabilia from musicians. This is the only picture you are allowed to take since all of the artifacts are real they said that is a copyright law.

On our second day we took a ferry over to an Wheby Island. (not sure about the spelling) That was a lot of fun. We saw several different things. I really wanted to see some whales but I wasn't sure if Jason could handle being on a boat. We toured some winery's did a few wine tastings. Went hiking and ate some great food!! The trees are huge it was so beautiful there. I took several pictures of the trees. My favorite is the one of Jason and Mom. They are standing on one tree that branched out into three trees. The trunks of the trees are huge.

Once we got through hiking we drove north to see a bridge called Deception Pass. It was amazing. The water was so pretty it reminded me of the water in Hawaii. Then we went to the Tulip Festival. I was very excited to see all the flowers. I could not say the same for Jason!! But do to the crazy weather that they have been having the Tulips were not in bloom yet. They say for as far as you can see it would be nothing but Tulips. But the Daffodils were in bloom they were really pretty.

The Tulip Festival

Look how pretty they look!!!

This was the laugh of the whole trip. On the last day of the trip we all wanted something sweet to eat after dinner. So we found a chocolate store. Everyone knows that I don't really care for sweets but I do like fruit so we made a compromise. I picked out some yummy treats that I thought everyone would like. When I got to the check out I couldn't help but laugh when they told me how much. GUESS!!


Jason about died. We enjoyed every last bite.

On the last day we went and toured the under ground city. It was very cool. I didn't get any pictures because we were in tight quarters. We also went back to Pikes Market to get some fresh veggies and fruit for dinner. Thanks mom for letting us come and visit we had a great time.

Thank you MeMe for keeping Walker. I am sure that you both had a great time!!