Saturday, June 28, 2008

Go Diego Go

Walker and I went to the play Go Diego Go. He loved it. I have to say that I even enjoyed it too. Everything was great. He did not interact much but he never took his eyes off the stage. I wish more kiddie plays would come here.

Walker with his rescue pack.

Who is that behind that baby jaguar???
At intermission we went and sat with Parker and they had fun playing with their jaguar masks.
This was the best smile I could get.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fun at the Water Park

Today we went to the water park with the Hoppers and the Coffmans. We had a great time!! I love it there because they have two wade pools and the deep pool is gated off. So the little ones can't go over there unless someone takes them. It is very relaxing for the moms. Walker had so much fun that after three hours of playing in the water he was telling me that it was time to go home and take a nap. What a sweet boy.

At first he was not to sure about it. But once he warmed up

I could not get him to come out of the water. Not even for a sucker.

Micaela telling us what's up.


Victoria and Walker
Victoria was a huge help. She played with Walker and Micaela the whole time.
Thanks so much Victoria you are a sweetheart!!

Walker and Micaela swimming on their bellies.

Micaela and Walker playing a splash the mommies
and fall down game. They thought it was so funny.

"That snake get you."

I think that it is a dragon but I was not going to argue with him.

"I splash you!!!!!"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Day at School

Walker had his first day at school today. The teachers said that he did great!!!!! I was so proud. I dropped him off at 8:30 and as soon as we walked in the door he saw other parents dropping off their children his lips began to pucker. The teacher started to talk to him and told him that he needed to wash his hands as soon as he came in the classroom. That got him excited! He is all about using soap and making a mess with water. While the teacher showed him what to do I made a mad dash for the door and went to the gym. After my workout I just had to sneak by his classroom and see how he was doing. He was at the snack table eating and smiling. That made me feel so good. The true test of Walker liking school will be on Thursday when he returns.
I will keep you posted.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. I hope that you all had a wonderful day. We had a great day of playing the Wii and relaxing with some friends.
Jason you are an awesome DADDY to Walker. We love you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you enjoyed your day.
Walker liked playing the Wii with Daddy.
Pure Concentration. Trying to make a hole in one.
Walker would say, "play Tiger Woods again."
"That's a good one."

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Trees!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got our new tress!!!!!!!!!! Our last trees snapped in half on May 1st in a bad storm. We were very shocked and sad. We are so excited about our new trees. We are ready for some shade. Thank you so much Blades Landscaping!!!!!!!!! They look great.



Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swim Ranch 2008

Yeah for Swim Ranch!!!!!!!!!!! We went to swim ranch this week and Walker loved it. He really participated more this year. His favorite part was jumping in and going under. He had such a cute surprise look on his face when he would come up. Mommy likes swim ranch too because it is a great workout. Every day after swim lessons we both go home and take a long nap. Who knew that swimming for one hour would make you so tired!!!!

Mommy and Daddy both got to come and swim. Daddy came on Thursday and Mommy came the rest of the week. Walker was really excited when daddy came.

Swimming with Ms. Virgina. Walker was her helper. He helped Ms. Virgina demonstrate the different skills that they were learning. Last year he would have no part in that but this year he loved it. He always went right to her.
At the end of every lesson Ms. Virgina had a surprise for us. One day we got to ride on Charlie the Crab and on another day we got to slide down an elephant slide into the water. She also had a great toy basket filled with swim toys. Walker's favorite toy was the yellow boat. He would ask for that boat as soon as we would drive up in her driveway.
The best part of swim lessons is that you get cookie at the end!!!!! Yum Yum
Swim Lessons were a hit this year can't wait for next year!!!!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Concert at Gulley Park

Every other Thursday night Gulley Park has a concert. They are so much fun!!! We went to eat at Tim's Pizza with Misty, Macy, Gray, Sydney and Jaimie. After a wild hour at Tim's we headed off to the park. Tim's Pizza was ready for us to leave. The kiddo's were Wild!!!!!!! Walker had a great time at the park. They played in the sand and danced to the music.

Leaving Tim's Pizza.
Macy, Walker & Sydney

Playing in the sand!!! Walker called it the big sand box!!!

The Dance Floor